Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You ate... what?

Tonight a friend and I shared a dessert that is positively the strangest one I've ever had. We went to Layang Layang, a Malaysian restaurant in Cupertino. Our food was excellent -- and exactly what I was craving.

But, the star of the meal was this dessert, the Ice Kacang (aka, "A.B.C."). I saw a picture in the menu and read a description before we ordered it. It didn't matter. I still wasn't prepared for the mountain of shaved ice mixed with a bizarre (yet, excellent) combination of ingredients. It arrived to at our table looking like an icy volcano drizzled with caramel. Digging into the center brought more surprises in the form of sweet corn kernels, palm seeds, and little green jelly cubes. Two of us could not finish it, but it had a fascinating array of flavors -- including some that our palettes had absolutely no reference for.

I'm definitely glad we decided to be adventurous. I recommend trying it if you find yourself in the Cupertino area.